Supposed To's

I've never been great at rules - ask my mother. Even in my grade school memories, I've been the kid who colored outside the lines and failed at cutting on the bold black outlines. I should have known that this was becoming an indication of my behavior I’d be as an adult...

A rebel. Ha.

When I graduated a semester later than most of Communication Colleagues, I was upset. I was supposed to finish my college career in four years.

It was then I learned that there wasn't this guide book on how to navigate post-grad life and life in general. This is when I began to question who created this timeline to mark when you are "supposed to" graduate college, get married, have children, buy a house, and have a successful career - you know the whole shebang.

I've been sitting on this story for weeks, and then I get this email from a very close friend of mine that was so damn spot on. It was as if she and the Universe was telling me to sit down with my thoughts and say: it's okay, Chary.

How sweet is that? 

The timeline for "life" is there to be a reference in my opinion, but when is it more crippling than inspirational? 

Now that I am in this “late twenties” group, the candid dialogue is: when are you going to get married and have babies? And I get it, my friends and I are in that "group" to want these things and for women, biologically, our bodies can't help, but say, "Girl, it's time to make babies!" Then on the other side of the spectrum, the conversation is: when are you going to launch your career? 

How about I keep doing me?

Personally, I am pretty happy with where I am at in life and have thrown the whole “supposed to” list out the window. Basically, I've always been a rebel so why follow the rules now?


Written by Chary