Cat Calls

It was 6:15 pm on this beautiful past Sunday when I experienced something strange. I describe it as so because I do not know how to categorize the situations. Was it mean, inappropriate or just down right bad ass?!

Let me explain.

As I was walking to the L train, I felt confident wearing my new striped tee and a sunshine spring smile. The streets were pretty empty, but I noticed a hipster-looking man with high top chucks and long flowy hair walking toward me. The second our paths crossed, a car drove by and yelled “nice hair”. We both shot the dirtball a look while driver proceeded with a kissy face and cringe worthy smooching noises.

Who the hell was he talking to?!  No really, we didn’t know.

If it was for me, I’d classify this as an inappropriate catcall that most girls experience on a typical day. If it was for him (because honestly he had REALLY great hair), it was meant to be mean. Either way, it was not a positive reflection on this drive by.

The fellow pedestrian looked at me and said, “Is that what it’s like for you girls? I don’t know who that was directed to, but is this SERIOUSLY what it’s like? This is the first time I’ve seen that in real life. Fucking A. I’m SO sorry you have to deal with that shit.”

Now THAT is a badass.

We casually continued to walk in opposite directions and my spring smile revisited as his hair blew ever so beautifully in the breeze.



Written by Emily