Burn & Brunch Sponsor: Kombrewcha

Happy Friday, Ladyfriends!

Ending the week with our last sponsor and some last minute tasteful notes before our big event tomorrow afternoon! You might recognize them from a previous event, where we were beyond thrilled to have them on board as a sponsor. It is no surprise that we will have Kombrewcha on board again as our lovely partners for Burn & Brunch

One main reason why we love Kombrewcha is for obvious reasons, it tastes yummy and it's pure genius, but one that hits home is that it is a local brand. As New Yorkers, we definitely love to spread awareness on local brands that align with our values. 

You want to know their story? 

KOMBREWCHA is an innovative and groundbreaking kombucha company brewed and based in New York City.  We are a small team of health conscious entrepreneurs who are pioneering the way in alcoholic kombucha. 

KOMBREWCHA was founded by Barry Nalebuff, of Honest Tea & Ariel Glazer, a natural foods entrepreneur. They set out to create a better tasting, naturally alcoholic kombucha so you can live life without compromise. We believe you should never have to choose between being healthy or having fun.  

Don't worry, we won't let you drink on an empty stomach. In addition to our protein-fueled goodies by the Protein Bakery, "brunch" will be served by sweetgreen. Did we tell you? We sold out this week and opened up five more slots as of yesterday for all the last-minute buyers. 

We are so excited to sweat, eat, and mingle with all of you! See you beauts, tomorrow!