Recap: Burn & Brunch

Wow, what a weekend!

It's Monday and we are still high from Saturday's event. The room was filled with so much energy, high-fives, and a whole lot of sweat. Jess totally kicked our asses - everyone was dead by the end of the workout, and even our co-founder Chary woke up super sore Sunday. 

Curious to what we did? Check out the photos below. 

Again, we like to thank our sponsors for this event - New York Sports Club, sweetgreen, Chill Space, Kombrewcha, The Protein BakeryAloha, Runa, ilovegurus, Go Dash Dot, and Ora & Ren.

Special shout out to Hannah, our badass #girlboss, who was in attendance with her sister and was able to speak about her bags. 

We witnessed a lot of ladies swapping instagram handles and overhearing wonderful conversations. We are in such of awe of how the turnout of this event. And let's just say this might not be the last Burn & Brunch event you'll see on our events calendar (; 



chary + emily