How We Met: Jess Glazer

After a 45-minute LOVE SQUAD workout, Jess Glazer approached me with a bright smile. Both drenched in sweat, we reached out for a handshake without worry of sweaty palms or smelly proximities.

“Hi, I’m Jess! What’s your name?”

She proceeded to tell me she had just moved to the City with her husband and that she lives and breathes for gatherings such as this - SO much so that she started her own business called FitTrips. FitTrips helps women face their fears of attending workouts alone.

And let me just tell you, she is the perfect woman to lead such adventures. Her bubbly personality and friendly smile gave me comfort to open up and tell her my story, immediately. No fear, no hesitation, no questioning of intentions. Jess listened and engaged as if we had been friends for a lifetime.

It is often that Chary and I go home from an event or meet up and leave inspired by other women. We like to ride the high and reach out immediately to get the conversation going of a Spotlight, collaboration, or even just a coffee date.

Building relationships are our number one mission and we know it takes effort, especially as busy adults!

There was very something different about Jess, though. So different that as I was drafting the outreach, SHE emailed us first!

We met in Bryant Park on an overcast night and birthed the idea of Burn & Brunch. And although I am over the moon about our first health & wellness event, something deeper came from this meet and greet. Jess and I stayed a bit longer after discovering we had very similar life-changing experiences. We bonded over the importance of being an organ, blood/ bone marrow donor, our commitment to this lifesaving process and the true importance of family.

Our inner souls are deeply cnnekted and there are only a handful of strangers that have made me feel this way.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet this wonder woman, your opportunity awaits. Meet Jess Glazer IRL (in real life) at our Burn & Brunch event. You can purchase tickets here.