This is How I Protest

I went to the Women's March at our Nation's Capitol in January. Since that march, my involvement in the political space has been channelled differently and not solely exclusive to carrying a sign while marching the streets of New York. 

I, for one have never been one to march and going to the Women's March was the first that I felt strongly about and moved me (and 500,000 other people). I guess because I've always been skeptical of the whole thing - like is this really an actionable step?

I know, I know - I sound awful. And I know protests have shaped our history and has made tremendous impact before - changes. But for some reason, I don't know why I am not all in for marches.

My daily work is not advocacy, and with the resources I have and my time, I do protest in my own way. For starters, I've avoided brands that have any correlation with Trump. 

I think when we all think of "activism", we imagine people on the forefront with banners and posters who are filled with passion marching the streets. And if you are not with them, you're not protesting or a true activist - or not radical enough. Why does it have to be black or white. Some people don't have the privilege of skipping out on a work day to sit out on an issue. 

We should be able to protest in different formats. 

Like our badass #Girlboss, Roxanne Jackson said, "We all have to start at a grassroots level." Meaning starting on a small community level - and I would say thecnnekt has been involved in that capacity.

We have shared stories to pass the knowledge and display the importance of these matters and what is at stake! In addition to sharing this wealth of information, we hosted a RISE event in December. We created a safe space for diverse women to come together to learn about the political climate and express themselves.

So, what I'm saying is that, I may not be on the streets of New York marching every single weekend, but in my own way, I am protesting and resisting.

PS: For all humans, please know your rights. 


Written by Chary