Money Mindfulness Recap

Hi ladyfriends,

For those who joined us Thursday evening at Money Mindfulness with the Financial Gym - huge shout out to all of you! Seriously! Thank you for being so engaged at the event and asking smart questions. It was so important that we hosted this event to keep our money conversation going all-year-around, and we are so glad that you all chimed in, boldly!

Again, thank you for our lovely yogi, Susanna and food sponsor Good Seed Salad. We hope you all enjoyed meeting new friends, learning something new, and getting comfortable with uncomfortable conversations. 

If you are interested in being a gym member, don't forget we shared a special promo code

Missed out on the event? No worries - feel free to gloss over the photos below. We hope you get a major case of FOMO.

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chary + emily