Shrimp Chips & Chocolate Milk

I'm still in disbelief in this opportunity. I partnered with such a talented and kind soul, Courtney Loo, to create this magic. First off, many thanks to all our family, friends, and community for sharing your feedback and congratulations. Props to our badass BAWSE Mar who included us in his exhibition last week. 

It was more challenging than I thought when I had to craft this story. Honestly, the difficult part was figuring out how to express my anger and annoyance in ACT II and ACT III subtly.

I was really nervous to put myself out there in a visual medium. It's ironic because I've been showcasing myself to the interweb for years, but for some reason, this felt different. 

When you watch the entire short, whole point of this narrative is about identity. And well, a political punch as well due to this climate we are in...

I think to this day, I still struggle between not being "American" enough and "Asian" enough. 

I hope when you watch this, it will incite thoughts and conversations - and to some capacity, you will connect with this, too. 

Courtney and Chary


Directed & Produced by Courtney Loo 

Written by Chary Sathea

Narrated by Donna Loo

Score by DJ Bowden

“Cobra” Performed by Shav


Isabelle Leipziger as 1988 Muse

Cat Isom as 1988 Friend

Lara Abouhamad as 1988 Friend

Courtney Loo as 1996 Muse

David Karp as 1996 Blind Date

Levina Li as 2005 Muse

Ian Sullivan as 2005 Boyfriend

Donna Loo as 2017 Muse