Doing It All

Fitness was never a huge part of my life up until a little over a year and a half ago. Similar to millions of girls across the world, I was scrolling through instagram one day and came across the queen of fitness herself, Kayla Itsines. I gawked at how in shape she was, all of the transformations posted on her page, and instantly thought “I want that to be me. I want to be transformed”. And boy I wanted it bad. After completing her program, I went from not being able to do a single push up, to banging out 20 push ups in a row after just completing 15 burpee tuck jumps. I was hooked on seeing how strong I could get and feel.

I started Kayla Itsine’s BBG because I wanted to transform myself physically. I mean let’s be honest, I wanted those abs! And although I certainly saw physical results (not the abs, I love beer and pizza too much for abs ☺), the biggest transformation was mental. I went from being nervous and anxious going to the gym to walking in every day with my head held high and ready to take on whatever workout I chose. And that new found confidence soon found its way into every aspect of my life. I became a leader at work, more outgoing in social settings, and fell more in love with myself than I ever was before.

And I wasn’t the only one who noticed these positive changes. Friends, family, coworkers all started asking me what I had been doing. Was I running a lot now? Eating only clean foods? What was my secret!? And I gladly shared my workout regimen which had transformed from strictly BBG to a mix of weight training, running, and HIIT circuits. I LOVED sharing my experience. And I loved even more when people began their own journey and would tell me I inspired them and share their success with me. That’s what gave me all those fuzzy feelings and I soon started thinking of ways I could help others on a larger scale.

After months of toying around with the idea, I signed up to start studying for the NASM Certified Personal Training exam to earn my CPT certification. And that’s where we are today. I have been studying for months and will be taking the exam in just a few short weeks. Oh while working a new full time job as a Merchandise Planner, being an alumni mentor at my alma mater for students, keeping up with my own workouts, trying my best to have a social life, and lastly sharing my journey through my fitness Instagram @_caitfit . It’s a freaking lot, people. I am not going to lie there have been thoughts such as “what the f*ck were you thinking taking on all of this?” but I just remind myself that I really can do anything. We are a bunch of badass, hard-working, intelligent women with intentions of bettering the world and raising each other up. With that attitude we can do anything.

And now to answer my coworker’s question, which was recently asked to me at a happy hour: how do you do it all? Firstly, I do it all because I love it and I want it more than anything. I want to teach a class or train a client and have them leave feeling better and more confident about themselves then when they walked in. I wake up at 5am to go to the gym so I go to my full time job with focus and high energy, which helps me do my best for myself and my team. Secondly, prioritizing is key. Pick and choose what is most important and beneficial to get done and some things may need to take a back seat. For example, although I love posting on Instagram every day, planning my posts has been lacking. Passing this exam is the priority so Instagram is gonna have to be patient.

Thirdly, I am always looking for ways to grow and to better myself. And in order for us to grow, we need to change. Is there something you’ve been wanting to do, but just don’t know if you can or you’re good enough. DO IT! By changing and growing, you’re bettering yourself, which is bettering those around you, which is bettering the whole freaking world.

Lastly, although you need to work hard, maybe say goodbye to your 8 hours of sleep some nights, you also need to be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break if deadlines or commitments seem overwhelming. You’re doing the best you can. Take a breather, gain some energy and inspiration back, and then get back to it when you’re ready to kill it again.

I hope my thoughts and experience have spoke to those in whatever way they needed. Whether you have been waiting to start that fitness program, signing up for that 5k race, asking for the promotion at work, or questioning whether you can really do it all. You can. Sometimes you just need to hear that when that little evil voice of self-doubt creeps in.

Change. Grow. Do it all, girl.

*image by Karina Munoz


Written by Caitlin Lyttle

Merchandise planner by day, fitness, and wellness enthusiast always. She is a soon-to-be NASM CPT with goals of using fitness to assist others in finding their highest self. Check out her out on Instagram @_caitfit to see what’s next post CPT exam!