Wanderlust Stranger


Nearly two years have passed,

Not a sound has traveled from your mouth

To my ears.

A promise that you’d never leave again,

Shattered on a whim, with intention.

Some speculate that you may be

In Iceland.

All of the locations blend together,

Just another pin on the map.

Physically you could be anywhere,

But in your mind you reside in a different realm,

Maybe even multiple.

A chameleon I would call you,

Molding to this & that like cookie dough.

Changing your colors,

Without asking questions,

Allowing others to modify your soul.

And here I am left with the guilt

Of not missing you enough.

The truth is, I only long for the sister

That drank cappuccinos with me,

Spoke in songs for the love of adventure

And who snuggled in bed watching Gilmore Girls

I haven’t seen her in ages.

So I guess out of sight, out of mind applies

Rather than absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Still, around this time of year,

As white lights glimmer in the streets

The air is crisp,

My memory momentarily strengthens

Remembering the last time we spoke

And the question I answered with “No.”

That holds the most pain of all

The haunting part? I think deeply, I knew

I was responding to my last chance.

Now my body aches,

My eyes fold heavy with water weight.

I am thankful for eyelids,

Which serve as a dam

For the floods trying to break through,

After losing you.

-Thinking of Family

Written by Heidi Hendrix

You may recognize her previous work, Actual and Escape in Silence