Valentine's Day


I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Now before you say, I’m just a bitter Betty - I just truly believe love should be celebrated everyday. This day showered with reds and pinks of everything, is just a commercial holiday.

So this year was no different. 26. Single. Spending Valentine’s Day at a coffee shop with a bunch of coupled strangers and it’s winter.

After writing and settling into my new read, I get the most unexpected text - from my ex boyfriend. We broke up four months ago and I remember crying about him to my close friends - wailing was more like it. 

Why did he text me? Should I respond? No, right? Well, I responded. After a few exchanges, he asked to meet to “catch up.” Do exes actually “catch up”?

Frankly, I don’t even know why I agreed to it consider we broke up via text and I hadn’t heard from him for months...but I swallowed my humility and opened myself to him. It was awkward at first - as if our breakup never existed, and he carried the conversation casually. I thought, wow, it must be really easy to waltz into someone’s life after breaking their heart a few months ago, huh?But I think the bar hopping and sipping double IPAs numbed how I felt then.


I invited him into my life again and well, it was good until it wasn’t.


Written by Chary