10 Steps to Making Mom Friends

Making friends as an adult is hard, but add in trying to make friends as a mom, and my god, life is seriously very hard. Prior to being a mom, I had never had a hard time making friends. I had my great group of friends that I spent time with. I only had one friend who had children, but they lived far away and I barely ever saw them.

Once I got pregnant, it was like I had the plague. My friends who I thought had been the best, were no longer the best. Only a few stayed around to see me go through my pregnancy and even fewer stayed around after I had my daughter. Talking with your husband about mom questions never gets you the answers you need, especially when it relates to just mom related topics – they have no idea. My main option was my mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but her being the only person I could go to and ask questions about being a mom was hard. I needed other people’s advice – particularly friends. I needed Mom Friends.


This had to happen. I had to find Mom Friends. Here are the steps I took to find myself some Mom Friends that can work for you too:

1.   Join an extracurricular activity. Joining gymnastics, mommy and me, soccer, basketball, horseback riding, tee ball, etc. are all ways to make other parenting friends who like to bring their children to do fun things.

2.   Join Facebook/Instagram mom groups. If you love texting and social media, finding Facebook Mom Groups and Instagram mom pods are a great way to meet new people, read their blogs about their motherhood experiences and make some new friends. Facebook friends are sometimes better because they are usually always online and if you have a question, they are there to answer it!

3.   Meet your or your husband’s coworker’s wives. I always rolled my eyes at this, but it is a true face. If you go out places with your coworkers or your husbands’ coworkers, and they have wives, you should meet them and become friends. The best way to become friends is to invite them over your house to show them that you want to initiate the friendship.

4.   Go to meetups for moms in your area. Use Meetup.com to find groups in your area to hang out with people who are interested in your hobbies. There are definitely mom meet up groups out there, and if there isn’t who says you shouldn’t get one started? Be innovative.

5.   Use MomieGo. This is an app to find mom friends kind of like using a dating app! It’s pretty amazing and growing even stronger. Check it out and see if there are any moms in your area!

6.   Find a Yoga Retreat near you. Yoga Retreats are a great place to meet other moms especially because they know when it’s okay to take a break from their children for self-care and they want to be healthy. There is a lot of bonding time on these short trips and it is beneficial is so many ways.

7.   Join Hot Yoga, Pilates, HIIT classes, or Yoga classes.

8.   Join the PTO at your children’s school. If your children are school age, this is the best way to meet other moms who also need friends. They are supportive of the school and of their children, who better to be friends with? Plus, you will get some time to volunteer in your children’s school and make friends.

9.   Network on Facebook in local Facebook groups or local moms’ groups. Start typing in names on Facebook “your town’s mom group”, “your town’s Facebook group”, etc. This way you can meet local people and focus on creating play dates, etc.

10.  Be friendly and accepting. This is so important. You are not in any position to be judging people or not nice. Remember, you are the one in need of friends, and finding people who are not like your “old friends” may be the best thing you could do for yourself.

Not every step will work for you, but I suggest you go through each of them and try them all out. If you are as in need of a mom friend as I was, you will be thanking me for this list! I wish I had an idea of where to start when I had been so lost as a new mommy. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new world of friendships for you. Good luck!



Written by Jennifer

Jennifer is a freelance writer, military wife, motherhood + lifestyles blogger, a mom to a nutty 3-year-old, and a National Board Certified Teacher. She lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, fitness and everything organic. Her blog is Teach.Workout.Love and Instagram.