Writer's Block

Hi my name is Maddy and I have writer’s block.

I have suffered with this condition almost my whole life. When left untreated writer’s block can affect full-time and freelance jobs, friends that need some free work and posting funny captions on your Instagram page.

Writer’s block isn’t a chronic mental illness, but it can cause havoc on your grey matter’s state when all you want to do is put pen to paper or rather fingers to keyboard. It’s so difficult to come home after a long day and think of fun, quippy things to write about whether it’d be for yourself or for pieces you are sharing with others.

As a creative person it’s difficult to pinpoint why this negative phenomenon happens.  There are definitely some factors that almost always contribute: your day-to-day routine, stress, relationship & family matters, financial woes or one too many vodka soda’s the night before.

I feel shame and guilt when I have the time, energy and willfulness to write and yet somehow I can’t bring myself to do it.

Sometimes I am going through some sort of personal turmoil that I know would become a lot more manageable if I just write about it! And yet these same life issues get in the way of creating art. I have wasted so much time staring at blank document or even Googling what to do when experiencing this block.

And then I start to wonder “Did F. Scott Fitzgerald experience this? Julia Alvarez? Stephen King? What is wrong with me?” And down the spiral I go.

Edgar Rice Burroughs said: “If you write one story, it may be bad; if you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favor”. Being an artist or a creative person isn’t always about achieving perfection it’s more about getting the art created. Pushing through those cobwebs, shaking them loose and writing whatever’s in your head. Being an artist gives the world something to aspire to, something to be inspired by. Those are the things that motivate us. Plus, who knows, there might be a Pulitzer in our future.


Written by Maddy

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