Acne as told by an Adult

I normally get the uncomfortable questions like “Well, what happened?” or, “Are you taking care of it?” I have to listen to recommendations I’ve already tried and just smile, nod, and offer a “Thank you” for the unsolicited advice. It hurts, it’s sore and, trust me, I know it’s there.


I am 29 and have adult acne.

I’ve always had a hate/hate relationship with acne. It seems to only pop up when I’m losing weight or any special occasion. It’s like my pimples hear about a party and have to make an appearance. Like, “I heard there’s a wedding!” or “Nikki lost 10 pounds?” Really? TIME TO RUIN THE DAY!

On a daily basis someone reminds me of the bumps on my face and yet again, I am reminded of how much better I could look if I didn’t have them. I get it. (Oh, and just a side note: I’m not fucking interested in how I could look better for you) 

I don’t know why people have to voice their opinions about my skin, but it doesn’t lessen the blow of my self-confidence. Trust me, I wake up every morning and have to be reminded my forehead is the same as yesterday. It sucks.

If it isn’t a reminder, it’s an association with acne. I always get the, “I had bad acne in high school” or the guy reminding me he only uses water, WATER, to wash his face and not ONE. FUCKING. BLACKHEAD. PIMPLE. BLEMISH. SCAR. NOTHING- NADA!

Oh, and let’s not forget about the recommendations - “Have you tried tea tree oil?” or “How about Proactiv?” First off, are you a licensed professional? Secondly, I’ve bought all the products, read all the articles and visited all the dermatologists. YOUR SUGGESTIONS ARE FALLING ON DEAF EARS!

My skin is not budging. I’m now trying to work on my diet and its just miserable. On a daily basis, I have to debate do I do what makes me happy (eat deliciousness) or do what will makes me looks good? And I’m at a point of screw it. While I have monitored my food intake, do you know how hard it is to give up cheese after 29 years of cheesy-ness in my life? I was always the cheese on top of cheese kinda girl and now I have to second guess EVERYTHING I eat for the sake of a forehead bump? I hate to say, but normally my happiness (cheese) usually wins.

Acne 10, Nikki -4 red bumps.

I drink enough water, get enough sleep, and wash my face regularly. Your comments just remind me that today, when I woke up and questioned for the 30th time “Another one?”, it IS as noticeable as I thought it was. My insecurity is worn as the scarlet letter “P” bright red on my forehead.

Words of advice, asking “What happened to my face” when I show up for a waxing or “Do you want a facial?” when I go to get a manicure are not helping my acne and more importantly, your tip.

The next time you see someone with acne just be sure to “save it”. Save your comments. Save your advice. And be sure to save that hairline Mike, and save those coins, Ashley. The moral of the story is as much as you don’t like looking at it, I don’t like having to respond to your mustache, Gertrude. 

Get Yo Life. We all have flaws.


Written by Nikki

You may recognize Nikki's previous work, The Real New York City.