A Bombing In Chelsea

This past Saturday, I was jamming out to Wyclef Jean performing throwbacks of Fugees and singing “Happy Birthday” with the Plain White T’s to a dear friend. I didn’t think the night could get any better.

And it didn’t.

Calls came flooding through my cracked iPhone from my close family and even distant relatives. Being in the middle of a loud concert, I selfishly denied the calls. However, after multiple text alerts from friends I haven't spoken to in ages, I knew something was up.

After hard efforts of exiting the crowd and attending to my pending messages, I was told a bomb exploded in Chelsea. A BOMB? In CHELSEA!? My beautiful neighborhood filled with french bulldogs and friendly folks? The place where I spend every morning and night being thankful that I belong to such a glorious city?

Yes, Chelsea.

Instead of feeling thankful that I was not around, I acted like one of those actors in horror films that run to toward the scary situation. 

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” This was the response from all of my friends that were with me. But my boyfriend was home in our apartment, three blocks away amidst of all the chaos. I needed to make sure he was safe.

Upon waking up on Sunday morning, after a night of hugging each other and falling asleep to the sounds of helicopters, sirens, and live news updates - I saw even more message across my phone. This made me realize something.

We are all human and we all have kindness in our hearts. When we hear bad news, especially if it’s associated with someone we know, we ACT. Whether we are a million miles away, or just around the corner, we find a way to come together in times of need. Even the stereotypical New Yorker labels of being rude and selfish are untrue. This City endured one of the most tragic attacks of a lifetime and still came out on top.


Because we all became ONE to lift each other up. My goal this week is to continue this sense of community and spread the love. It can only promote positive changes.



Written by Emily