Get A Room

"GET A ROOM!"  is what I screamed out loud from my bedroom toward the thin walls of my 5th floor walk up. This was the FOURTH night in a row that my neighbor brought home a different man for a rendezvous. His type is big and burley, just like him. The simple fall to his bed is heard by the entire floor.

bang bang bang...

"yes Yess YEESS"

I know this is graphic, but this has been my life on the daily. I can hear absolutely EVERYTHING. How could he not have respect for me? Can't he bit a bit more hush hush?  After months of keeping a tight lip, I screamed those three words. "GET A ROOM". Once they left my tongue, I immediately regretted it.

Wait, he IS in his room. In fact, he is in his own, private space. If he cannot be vulnerable and completely himself, where can he be? I am trapping this man by asking him to hold back from  his own form of happiness, judging him all because it was a MINOR inconvenience to me.

My mind continued to dive deeper as the guilt continued to wash over me.

So Emily, you want him to not live in the moment or tone down his pleasures just because you said so? Who are you to take away his freedom in the privacy of his own home?

The very next night, I didn't pull my bed out from against the wall like I usually do before I laid down with my significant other l. Needless to say, being carefree and not giving a FUCK what my neighbors thought resulted in amazing sex.

So thank you, neighbor.  You taught me a deeper lesson in being completely myself, especially in my own home, and you didn't even know it. DO YOU.


Written by Emily