Race Reflection

We are heartbroken.

While we can go on and on about how these results are a depiction of what America actually is, I encourage all of our friends to stay strong and unite through this time. We must continue to educate ourselves, find ways to get involved, and BE THE CHANGE we wish to see. 

We must remember to look at the positive side - a woman. This was the first time in history a nominee of a major political party. That, my friends, is phenomenal. 

In the near future, if I do decide to have a child and it's a daughter, I can tell her, "Sweetie, you can grow up to be the President of the United States." 

We drafted the below post earlier this week with immense hope that today would be the day we see a woman as our President, shattering this Glass Ceiling we as women are familiar with. And while we have elected a regressive president, we will not deprive you of this post because we need to celebrate the PROGRESSIVE movements we have created without him. NOW,  Its up to us to continue them.


Good Morning Friends,

I am feeling a bit emotional this morning and not just because we received a miracle in HRC. This week, I heard the song “ Someday” playing and I did not sing along to it in a love-story sense like I usually do.

The lyrics go a little something like this:

And maybe someday, we’ll figure all this out. Try and put an end to all our doubt. Try to find a way to make things better now. And maybe, someday,  we’ll live our lives out loud. We’ll be better off somehow, someday.

Well, readers, that “someday”  is TODAY. If you need a reminder of how great America has ALREADY been, you have come to the right place. Our beautiful generation has witnessed the legalization of gay marriage, the first black family in the White House, the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT (thank goodness) males and hijab clothed women as CoverGirls, the legalization of marijuana, a record number of releases for inmates serving unfair time for small crime, transgendered supermodels, etc. And with today’s news, I KNOW that list will only grow larger.

Today, we are the most FREE to be ourselves than we have ever been in the history of time. Before, women were not aloud to vote. Now, there is a female leader of the free world. We are finally better off in these ever changing times. I am emotional because I am living in it. And so are you.


Introduction by Chary

Original post by Emily