Sisterhood + Sister Blossom


I grew up around strong female role models, around women who were active agents of change
I grew up around vocal women who shaped and nurtured the local culture of my community
I grew up around women who supported each other.


"Sister Blossoms” is about women coming together and embracing both their vulnerabilities and their strengths. It is about women nurturing both themselves and each other before they nurture those around them.

Sisterhood sustains us and sisterhood celebrates us


                                                                                  Poem and Illustrastion by Seema Shakti


Seema Shakti is a visual artist, born and raised on a little, well-known archipelago called New York City. Through her illustrations, she seeks to awaken the wild and creative feminine spirit within us all, reconnecting us with the soul of the earth. Her work is inspired by the strong female figures in her life as well as the incredible women that she had met while travelling. She enjoys picnics in the forest, long walks paired with deep conversations, and watching flamingos. She thinks that her spirit animal is the flamingo.