White, Female of Privilege

I am a White, female of privilege and a daughter of a White City Police officer and I will not be silenced on White Supremacy.  I cannot just sit back and watch "my people" make fools out of not only our country, but our humanity. "My people" not only ACT as terrorist, but they THINK and FEEL with hate. How can they not see that the people they are so desperately trying to force out of our world are humans?

Humans with feelings.

Humans with soul.

Humans with passions and beliefs.

Humans with feelings. 

Humans with families. 


Growing up, I lived in a nice house, went to predominately white schools, and made all white friends. This was not necessarily by choice, but a result of limited surroundings. While my childhood was very cookie-cutter, lacking real-life education on Mankind - it caused me to ask a lot of questions. I knew at a young age that most of those answers did not make sense. Half of them was due to the lack of culture, but half because they were completely and utterly wrong in the sense of ignorance.

Then, I made the jump to New York City.

My world suddenly all made sense. While so many think my background makes me superior or think that I THINK I am superior, that wasn't the case. This same background was a major set back in the City. I was confused, chucked, and stirred into a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds, and ideas. The result, however, was magical. Immediately my world became a better place because I began to understand people on a deeper level. I asked questions. I joined friends at their churches. I was invited to family dinners - having cuisines that I've never even heard of before. I asked more questions. I researched and reread history books. I doubted history books that gave credit to the white man. And again, I asked questions. All of our beautiful differences are what makes this world spin every fucking day. It's as simple and complicating as that.

I will not dismiss my privilege or act embarrassed by it. It is my privilege that provided me with an escape to a place that taught me everything. However, I will acknowledge and whole heartedly hate that this same privilege, if in the wrong hands, can turn into darkness. This kind of darkness marches with fire in the streets of a beautiful town as if it conquers all. But it won't.

I am a white, female of privilege and a daughter of a white city police officer and I will NOT be silenced on white supremacy. I will fight, write, educate, seek education myself and help protect the equality of ALL. 


Written by Emily