Women & Friendships

I have never made that, "I don't have many girlfriends," comment because in reality, I have PLENTY of trustworthy girlfriends - and I am not bragging, the babes in my life are pretty awesome. 

As I enter my late twenties, I am cognizant of the breed of women I allow in my life. Naturally, this happens as we age, right? You get older and you cut the bullshit, that's all

Not to mention, they (inspiration quotes and stuff) say that we are a reflection of the people we surround yourself with. Well, I'm very happy with who I am thanks to the womyn I choose to share my life with. Each womyn has taught me something new, made a better human, and most importantly, reinforces that womyn friendships can exist without the petty and highly unnecessary cattiness. 

A great friend of mine, Jayda, taught me earlier on that "queens can coexist." She's right.

Look at Beyoncé and J.Lo. Two womyn with amazing talent (and notable booties).  

We see it all the time in films like Mean Girls and/or stereotypes of the fashion industry where womyn belittle one another - or pinned against each other over ridiculous things. I am sick and tired of that crap. In order for all of us to defy these stereotypes, we must approach every womyn with kindness. I really do not understand the need to be super rude.

Roxane Gay wrote a profound list about How to be Friends with Another Women in her novel Bad Feminist and it truly changed my perspectives about womyn relationships. I highly recommend you read it as it will uplift you and challenge you think differently about lady relationships. 

From what I witness from the world on January 21st, women who work together and empower one another get shit done. Sisterhood is real, y'all.

So here is to girlfriends.


Written by Chary

Edit on February 2, 2017 "women" to "womyn" 

Credit: phrase "queens can coexist" is created by the amazing womyn Jayda